Fal-con was founded by a group of Students at the University of Montevallo with a love for games, anime, and the convention culture, and who wanted to have convention celebrating those interests that would be more accessible to people in the area.

Fal-con owes its success so far to the devotion and commitment of community members and friends of the City of Montevallo. Run through the Montevallo Sister City Commission, Fal-Con celebrates its ties to Echizen, Japan by promoting the country’s entertainment culture through an annual convention.

While Fal-con gets its name from the University of Montevallo’s mascot, the falcon, Fal-Con is a separate entity from the university and has no relations to the university itself.

Fal-Con strives to be a family friendly environment with events for all ages. Mature only events will take place later in the evening and will require ID checks at the door. Some events will be rated “T for teen� and discretionary warnings will be given.