For the safety of all other attendees and staff, please be familiar with Fal-Con’s policies before attending Fal-Con.

Safety Policy

Only registered Fal-Con attendees may be allowed into convention areas and events. A Fal-Con badge must be worn at all times in public display. Trying to gain entry without proper registration will result in immediate expulsion from Fal-Con.

While indoors, please do not run, as it is not permitted in convention areas. Rowdy behavior, horse play, mock fights, etc. are not allowed at any time and will be dealt with immediately.

No alcohol or public intoxication will be permitted at any time or situation in convention areas. Minors under the age of 21 are prohibited from obtaining and consuming alcohol under Alabama law. If violated, action will be taken immediately. Smoking is not permitted inside the buildings.

There is to be no sleeping in the halls or con floors. A warning will be issued. If behavior persists, your con badge will be taken and you will be asked to leave convention premises.

Each attendee will be held to their own actions and are advised to attend at their own risk. Fal-Con takes no responsibility for damages to other attendees, dealers, artists, or guests.

Cosplay Policy

We encourage all Fal-Con attendees to participate in cosplaying if they desire, but it is not required to attend.

Public nudity is illegal in Alabama and is under no circumstances allowed in any situation.

The buttocks area must be covered for both females and males, and the breast area must be covered for females. Fal-con staff reserves the right to ask attendees to leave or change clothes if cosplay or attire is deemed inappropriate. Remember, there will be children present.

Shoes must be worn inside all indoor convention areas; you may only go barefoot outside.

Stilts, rollerblades, skateboards, etc, are prohibited. Skateboards will only be allowed inside if they are part of a cosplay (Yata Misaki from K Project) and are held at all times. If it is ridden indoors it will be confiscated.

Anything such as leashes and chains are prohibited. Anything with sharp spikes is also prohibited.

Costumes similar to law enforcement and emergency responders is not allowed. Convention staff holds the right to determine whether the costume is too similar.

Cosplaying is a hobby that is strictly for fun. Do not harass or otherwise bully any other attendees about their cosplay.

No live steel or working weapons are allowed at ALL on convention premises. This includes firearms and ammunition of any and all sorts, rifles, shotguns, hand guns, BB guns, pellet guns, cap guns, air-soft weapons, paintball guns, blow guns, water guns, bubble, canned confetti, silly string, tasers, explosives, knives, swords, daggers, sword canes, switchblades, bali-song(butterfly) knives, axes, hatchets, pole arms, staffs, clubs, metal bats, bows that are strung, arrows, martial arts weapons, brass knuckles, chains, whips, pepper spray, mace, and any projectile item, toy or real, whether or not such WORKING WEAPON is loaded broken, or then currently in firing or usable condition. Also, items that are illegal to or carry by the state of Alabama will result in immediate removal from the premises. No prop may exceed 6 feet in length. Attendees with non-compliant props and/or weapons will be asked to leave and store the item in their room or vehicle.

Dealers may be selling live steel at Fal-Con. If you purchase a live steel weapon from the dealer’s room, you must take it to your room or off con premises without opening it. Failure to comply may get your item confiscated or you may be asked to leave the convention.