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Guest Announcement: AKIOBOY

AKIOBOY is a production company based in Birmingham, Alabama creating multimedia influenced by video games, anime, comics & storytelling.


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GUEST ANNOUNCEMENT: Little Red Fox Cosplay!

Little Red Fox Cosplay is an accomplished seamstress and costumer from Mobile, AL. Her expertise in sewing and working with a wide variety of crafting materials, as well as her keen eye...
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Guest Announcement: Eric Wile!

Eric Wile

Eric Wile is a credited video game designer.  He has done exceptional work in level design, story boarding, concept design, game engine design and more!

During his time at Sony...

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Guest Announcement: Paige Gardner!

Paige Gardner is an award-winning costumer who regularly appears at science fiction and fantasy conventions in U.S. as a guest and presenter on costuming and costume photography.  While...

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Chase Lawrence & Affliction Cosplay Photography return as guests to Fal-Con!

Chase Lawrence is a professional photography artisan from Jasper, Alabama that has specialized in practical effects, cinematic lighting, and photo manipulation. He has been photographing...

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Brentalfloss at Fal-Con 2017!

We are excited to announce our first special guest for Fal-Con 2017… Brent Black!

Brent Black, also known as “Brentalfloss”, is best known as the creator of the “With Lyrics” YouTube...

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