Fan Tables

Do you have an event or organization that you would like to promote at Fal-Con?  Come to Fal-Con and sign up for a fan table!

Fan tables are free for conventions, fan organizations, fan events and charities.  Please note that these tables are not intended for marketing purposes for general businesses.

Guidelines for Fan Tables

Passes: Fan tables come with two complimentary passes to Fal-Con.  If your organization hosts more than two people, they must purchase their own badge.

Table Accouterments: Each table will be provided with two chairs.  Fal-Con does not guarantee access to internet or power and if you require these then please let us know in your form.  Any displays must be free-standing; nothing can be affixed to the walls at any time for any reason.

Politeness – Keep all music at a reasonable level and do not encroach upon your neighbors.

Sales:  Organizations are welcome to hand out fliers and promotional materials but any merchandise sales at Fal-Con must be approved by convention staff ahead of time.

Fal-Con reserves the right to remove organizations from their table at any time for any reason.

Apply for a fan table here!