Artist Alley

Fal-Con’s Artist Alley will host several independent artists who will be selling their creations!

Being hosted in a town of artists, we highly encourage any artist, of any skill level, to apply for a spot in the Fal-Con Artist Alley (AA).

  • The cost of a table is $50. In addition to the table space and chairs, you will receive two AA passes to the convention.
  • Artists are to sell self-produced works at their table. If you sell licensed merchandise or resell items consider applying for a spot in the Dealer’s Room.
  • Plagiarism is not tolerated at Fal-Con. Selling stolen artwork will result in the loss of your spot in the AA.
  • We do not have a restriction on fan art that does not contain trademarked items, but the individual artists accepts any legal risk that may come from the sale of any material which they bring to the convention.
  • Please be aware that security staff will be in the area, but they cannot monitor everything at once. It is the responsibility of the seller and/or seller’s assistant(s) to watch their individual table(s) throughout the event. Arrangements need to be made ahead of time to accommodate lengthy breaks, such as for hosting a panel.
  • Fal-Con focuses on the anime and gaming genres. However, studios and shops of all genres will be considered.
  • Fal-Con is primarily a family friendly event.
  • All accepted sellers will be required to sign a contract detailing specific regulations.Payment will be due at the time of signing the finalized contract, which will officially secure your spot in our 2016 roster. All such transactions should be completed at least a a month before the event. (Since Fal-Con runs October 15-16 this year, all contracts and payments are due by September 18, 2015.)

Any additional questions can be directed to

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