Cosplay Contest

Do you think you have what it takes to win? Then enter Fal-Con’s cosplay contest!


When filling out your entry form you will see a section asking in what entry level category you would like to compete. Please read the information below to determine what category you, your child, or your group best belong in.

Youth (14 and under)

This category is for contestants 14 and under. If the youth constructed or made alterations to at least 50% of their costume they may enter as an individual for the Costume/Prop Construction Focal Category. If the youth was assisted by an adult the youth and adult must enter as a group to compete. Both the costume creator and the youth model/talent wearing it must be present at the event in order to compete in the contest.

Novice (beginners)

This category is for contestants 15 and up who have very little or no prior experience in theater or cosplay competitions. We define “very little” as entering  less then 3-5 contests, winning less than 3 awards in novice/beginner style competitions, or less then 3-5 years in classes or workshops related to costume design, construction, or performance arts.

Journeyman (evolving)

This category is for contestants 15 and up who are experienced in theater and/or cosplay competitions and are working towards mastering their craft. Entrants into this category should have already won a few awards in other competitions in novice, beginner, or intermediate classes. (note: there is no intermediate class in this particular competition) They should also have a certain amount of experience in theater through classes, workshops, community theater, or other cosplay theater productions at conventions.

Masters (advanced)

You MUST enter into the Masters category if you have…

Professional experience in costume design, sewing, alterations, prop making

Professional experience in script writing, modeling, or performing arts

(or) Won more than 3 awards in the “Journeyman” category

(or) If you make $5,000 or more in costume/prop commissions a year


This category is for anyone who did not make their costume but who wants to show off on stage. The only category exhibitionists are able to win is Fan Favorite.


  1. All Cosplay Contest Entries must be registered Fal-Con Attendees.
  2. All costumes must follow
    Fal-Con’s Cosplay Policy Rules.
    (Pg. 5)
  3. All types of costumes are welcome including ones from anime, games, comics, movie, tv, books, original designs, hybrid designs and gijinka.
  4. If your costume is very large or limits your mobility without proper assistance you may be accompanied by a handler. Unless your handler is also in character please have your handler wear all black to not distract.
  5. At least 75% of your costume must be handmade. Store bought costumes are not allowed to be judged except in the skit portion of the contest. Store bought accessories are allowed but will not be factored into judging.
  6. If entrant chooses to enter a model to display their work on stage the entrant must be present for pre-judging to speak with the judges.
  7. All weapons and props must follow Fal-Con’s safety policy. (Pg. 5)
  8. All entrants must bring reference art for their costume entries.
  9. All entrants must fill out a cosplay contest form for pre-judging.
  10. Fal-Con, Concept Galaxy and Affliction Cosplay Photography reserve the right to use photos taken of cosplay entrants for the purpose of promoting Fal-Con on various websites and social media channels.

Download the registration form here.